今天收到一个邮件,邮件内容是一个国外主机商邀请使用他家的serverless 主机平台。


Hey wilkwo, I know you must be busy so I'll keep this short. I took a look at your repo on GitHub (esplori/nuxt-web) and decided to reach out to see if you'd be interested in free hosting. I'm the owner of, a serverless dev platform that allows you to easily deploy frontend, backend and database apps in minutes. It's built for developers, it's super easy to use, and you won't have to manage servers - which means you can focus on building! 
Here's how it works in a few steps: 
After signing up at 
1.) Select the repo and branch where your app lives. In this case, it would be esplori/nuxt-web.
2.) Select the runtime template of the app you wish to deploy.
3.) Hit deploy. ?
4.) In a few minutes your app will be live.
5.) Each time you push code to your branch, your app will pick up the changes and re-deploy.
And boom, just like that you got yourself free hosting! Would this be something that would be useful to you? Let me know and I'll be happy to give you $30 in free credits to give it a try.
Happy coding, 
Davaughn White


serverless的中文译做[无服务器],被认为是新一代的云计算发展方向。越来越多的行业及公司因其能显著地降低开发成本、按需自动扩缩容、免运维等诸多优势而采用 serverless 技术。




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